Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Tyene Sand Actress and Death

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers was born on 27, March 1996 in Southern California to a family of Italian heritage. Her most famous work in Italian fantasy series Mia and Me,  She was also the part of HBO Fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones with the character name of Tyene Sand. She also did some movies too in this very young age like “The Dinner, Loon Lake.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Tyene starts her acting career from East Village Experimental Theater Club LA MAMA. After that, she moved to Rome where she learned and became a talented actress of Television and Films. When it comes to her personal life, she doesn’t like to share her own and love life on social media and other channels interviews. She always busy with her work and put her complete focus on her acting career that’s the result she become the worldwide famous in very young age And did exceptional work in her very short acting career. When we discuss her body measurement, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Tyene height is 5’9” with a weight of 113 pounds. With brown hair and black eyes. Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Tyene has 13k followers on Twitter and 15k followers on Instagram.

In an Interview, she revealed her feeling about her major project Game of Thrones Because GOT is the season that takes her to the peak of success.

What i like bout working on Game of Thrones is what i am learning from others. Luckily we get on really well. I could have felt intimidated on such a mega set, but instead, I did not at all, I bonded with a Sand Snakes on day one of stunt training, When we nearly killed each other by accident.

Tyene Sand

Tyene Sand is the fictional character of Game of Thrones; She was one of the sand snakes, Tyene Sand took part in Coup in Dorne, She is the bastard daughter of Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand. Tyene Sand is also the elder daughter of Ellaria Sand. She got captured when she tried to kidnap Myrcella Baratheon after the death of Oberyn death by the hand of Ser Gregor Clegane in Kings Landing. There are some intimate moments when Tyene Sand seduces Bronn.

After the death of Myrcella Baratheon poisoned by the Ellaria Sand by taking the revenge of Prince Oberyn his lover. Both Tyene and Ellaria are capture by the Euron Greyjoy to show his loyalty towards Queen Cersei Lannister, Because he wants to marry her, That why he comes with this surprise gift.

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Cersei Lannister began to cry while sitting on the Iron Throne when she sees Ellaria and Tyene in Kings Landing. After that Cersei put them in cell and came towards them and kissed Tyene Sand and put poison in her mouth through her lips. The way Ellaria Sand did to Myrcella Baratheon in Dorne when Jaime Lannister was coming to take back after a long time. After that Cersei Lannister ask her master after how much time Tyene will die, He said death is certain may bitt takes time like day week or month. At that moment Cersei Lannister said Ellaria Sand now you will see your daughter dying day by day and this is your punishment.

Tyene Sand Actress

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is the actress who played the role of Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones. She was the one of the Sand Snakes And a bastard daughter of Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand.

Tyene Sand Death

Euron Greyjoy captured Tyene Sand along with her mother, Ellaria Sand in season 7. And poisoned by Cersei Lannister by the revenge of her Daughter Myrcella Baratheon’s death by the hand of Ellaria Sand. Ellaria is the mother of Tyene.